"Over the past year the Green Bag has been responsible for supplying over 200 000 bags to our 450 offices throughout Australia on a regular basis. When researching potential companies to use I found Green Bag's products to be one of the highest quality on the market and the bags were compe...

Emily Hill, Marketing Executive, Raine & Horne Pty Limited







Corporate Responsibility Statement

We at the Green Bag Co. do not believe you solve one problem by creating another. Since its inception, the Green Bag Co. has used this guiding principle whilst going about all its business activities. We are committed to delivering sound ethical practices in pursuit of our corporate goals, and pay particular attention to priorities such as:

  • Working conditions
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Local community involvement


All our branded and private-labeled product range is clearly labeled and therefore easily identifiable, and more importantly, traceable. Unlike our competitors, we do not work with sourcing companies, middle agents or third party suppliers.

We proudly stand over our products, their creation and the purpose they serve.

William Clohessy Snr
Executive Director