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The Problem
The Problem
Single-use Shopping Bags – HAVE THEY A FUTURE?

The problems associated with the ongoing use, indeed abuse, of single-use shopping bags need little documentation. Single-use plastic bags have been commercially in use for over 25 years and today we as a culture consume over 500 billion per year worldwide (1). That amounts to almost 1 million bags per minute! (2)


Rapidly growing public opinion suggests that the days of single-use bags are numbered; they are not sustainable. A change of shopping habits is what is required, not short-term solutions. Even paper bags, which were once thought a better alternative, have their own set of problems. It is timely and opportune for both retailers and consumers to replace a unsustainable system that is on its way out.

So do single-use shopping bags have a future?
-NO, quite clearly they do not.


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