"Over the past year the Green Bag has been responsible for supplying over 200 000 bags to our 450 offices throughout Australia on a regular basis. When researching potential companies to use I found Green Bag's products to be one of the highest quality on the market and the bags were compe...

Emily Hill, Marketing Executive, Raine & Horne Pty Limited







About Us

The Green Bag Co. strives to reduce the wasteful and damaging throwaway mentality prevalent in today’s consumer market. Operating as a specialist advisory, design and product supply company, we address the needs and opportunities related to this worldwide issue of disposable, plastic shopping bags.

Commencing our trade in the Republic of Ireland in 1999, the Green Bag Co. has since been at the forefront of the reusable bag trend in Australia, Europe, Japan, South Africa, and most recently in the United States and Canada.

Our aim here at the Green Bag Co. is not merely to provide a bag, but an offering that promotes a change in consumer shopping habits while keeping the consumer themselves the focal point. We aim to:

  • Provide quality products that are economically viable, durable, functional and attractive.
  • Continually look to refine, improve and innovate so that our products achieve consistently outstanding results for our clients and consumers alike.
  • Provide the best possible service, offering the flexibility required in this fast-paced business environment.


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